A place where you can belong

Vision: My Second Home- where acceptance, encouragement, appreciation and love is a daily experience.

Mission: My Second Home provides seniors and their caregivers accessible and affordable day services in a home setting. Staff promote better over-all well-being, preventing isolation and loneliness through activities where seniors share life together.


The best place to spend your day

couple seniors

Imagine walking into a home - not an institution but a home- where the air is filled with the smell of freshly baked bread, music is playing softly in the background.

You join seven to nine other members already gathered, a couple is enjoying tea and a snack at a table, three are engaged in an activity such as a board game or knitting. Another is out in the garden; another is in the kitchen making cookies with the staff.

Over time, this second home becomes your community. Quietly and with dignity your needs are met, medicine, podiatry and health monitoring.

Activities are determined by the members through their interactions with the staff. What in your past has given you joy, fulfilment?

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